Member Ice Registration

Only current members and associate members of the Buffalo Skating Club may skate on club ice.

Please visit our Membership page to register.

Skaters must purchase an ice card or walk-on session through their EntryEeze account and register for the ice sessions they wish to skate. Skaters who have not registered and paid in advance will not be allowed to skate on the session.

Non-BSC members who are members in good standing of another USFS club may purchase a maximum of two individual guest walk-on sessions; those wishing to skate more than twice on club ice must purchase an associate membership. We are offering a summer associate membership for non-BSC skaters who wish to skate on our club ice during July and August.

Instructions for purchasing ice cards and scheduling ice sessions using EntryEeze are available here.

Spring/Summer 2020 Schedule

Ice Rates

1-hour walk-on

BSC member/associate member: $20

non-member*: $25


*Non-members may skate on club ice as a guest walk-on a maximum of two hours, after which time they will be asked to join the club as an associate member if they wish to skate with us again. Guest walk-on skaters must fill out a waiver and provide proof of USFS membership before skating on club ice. Please click here to purchase a guest walk-on pass.

Ice Cards

5 hours: $95 ($19/hr)

10 hours: $190 ($19/hr)

20 hours: $300 ($15/hr)

40 hours: $520 ($13/hr)


Ice cards may be purchased at any time during the season. Cards do not expire; however, use may be restricted once the season has ended. Cards must be shown at all sessions. It is recommended that skaters photograph their cards after each use in case of loss. Lost or stolen cards may be replaced at the discretion of the Board. 

All-Session Pass

Not available for 2020–2021


Skate on all scheduled fall/winter club ice from September through April without restriction. The pass does not include additional skating opportunities such as exhibitions, test sessions, etc. that may be provided by BSC over the course of the season. There will be no makeups as the amount of ice used is left entirely up to the skater. Only ice listed in the fall/winter registration announcement is included. All-session passes are issued to individual skaters and may not be shared.

All-Session Passes may be paid in full at the time of purchase using cash, check, or credit/debit card, or by instalment payments using credit/debit card only. 

Additional ice time is available at Cornerstone Arena in Lockport!

Members who wish to skate in Lockport may purchase individual sessions or discount passes directly from the arena. Please check Cornerstone's website for current session fees and freestyle schedule.

The Buffalo Skating Club is committed to the safety of our members. Click here to read our COVID-19 policies (updated July 12th 2020).

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