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COVID-19 Safety Policies

Updated July 12th 2020

The Buffalo Skating Club is committed to protecting the health and safety of our members while participating on club ice. To this end, all members and guests will be required to abide by the following safety policies and procedures. These are subject to change as the need arises; members will be informed by e-mail of any changes, and the most up-to-date policy will always be posted here.

Before you come to the rink—

  • Reserve your ice. All skaters must reserve a spot on club ice in advance. Instructions for doing this are attached. Skaters who have not reserved ice in advance will not be allowed to skate.

  • Check your temperature. If you have a fever, or if you are displaying any signs of respiratory illness or flu, please stay home.

  • Sign (or have your parents sign) your waiver.

  • Get as ready as possible before leaving for the rink. Skaters will be allowed in the building 15 minutes before our ice time begins and must leave no later than 15 minutes after it ends.

When you arrive—

  • Put on your mask! North Buffalo Rink requires everyone to wear a mask at all times while in the building unless they are actively skating on the ice.

  • Drop off/pick up. Whenever possible, skaters should enter the building on their own. In circumstances where skaters require adult assistance, one other person may enter the building with the skater. We recommend adults drop their skaters off and pick them up at the end of the session.

  • Enter the building using the assigned entrance. This will most likely be the doors on Tacoma Avenue; if this changes we will notify skaters in advance. Ice monitors will be stationed near the entrance to check skaters in and help navigate our new procedures.

  • Check in with the ice monitors.

    • Upon arrival at each session, skaters are required to turn in a signed waiver. This form is available here for those who would like to sign in advance; additional copies will be available at the rink. Skaters are also required to sign a copy of these guidelines the first time they skate on club ice this season; a copy may be downloaded here.​ If you are dropping your skater off, do not leave unless you are sure they have a signed form to turn in. Skaters may not enter the rink without this signed form.

    • Skaters will be assigned a spot in one of the change rooms to get ready to skate. Room assignments will be made on a first come, first served basis.

While you are in the rink—

  • Skaters must wear a mask at all times in the rink unless they are actively skating on the ice.

  • Skaters must remain seated in their designated area in the change room until they are instructed to take the ice.

  • Skaters should follow all indicated traffic patterns and signage to minimize unnecessary close contact with one another.

  • On the ice, skaters should practice physical distancing of 6ft/2m whenever possible.

  • Skaters should not congregate at the boards or in the corners. Skaters should not sit or stand close together to talk, especially while unmasked on the ice.

  • Skaters are not allowed to enter the boxes or music area. Only coaches are allowed in these areas.

Please e-mail the club at buffaloskating@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Related forms + documents—

Updated July 3rd 2020

Buffalo Skating Club members and their families are expected to respect the safety policies of any rink at which they are skating. Skaters should check the rink's website in advance to be sure they understand and can abide by that rink's policies.

Club policies will be announced when our club ice resumes and will be updated as necessary to accommodate the changing environment as the pandemic progresses.

Please e-mail the club at buffaloskating@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The Buffalo Skating Club is committed to the safety of our members. Click here to read our COVID-19 policies (updated July 12th 2020).

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